Hot dishes

Meat menu: from 150.00 kn to 200.00 kn per person,
Fish menu from 370.00 kn to 450.00 kn per person.

Shrimps alla buzzara 1,00 kg
Grilled shrimps 1,00 kg
Shrimp fritters
Shrimp risotto
Cuttle-fish risotto
Seafruit risotto
Seafruit spaghetti
Shrimp spaghetti
Batter-fried cheese
Scampi Risotto
Spaghetti with scampi


Chateubriand (for 2 people, house specialty) 500 gr
Beefsteak "Cafe de Paris" (French-fries) 250 gr
Beefsteak with mushrooms (French-fries) 250 gr
T-bone steak (French-fries) 400 gr
Pfeffer steak with add-on's 250 gr
Ramsteak (French-fries) 250 gr
Filet gulash Stroganoff (white rice) kom.


Sauted veal scallop with mushrooms (French-fries) 200 gr
Veal Cordon Bleu "Zagreb"(stuffed with ham and cheese, French-fries) 250 gr
Veal steak "Vienna" (French-fries) 200 gr
Pork cutlet (French-fries) 200 gr
Sauted veal scallop (French-fries) 200 gr